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Yes - we sell to businesses

Oceania Dairy was originally set up to supply milk products to our parent company either as finished goods ready to go directly to supermarket shelves in China, or as base ingredients for further blending and packaging. However, our speed of response and agile business structure also allow us to quickly deliver on other business customers’ needs in many locations around the globe. We are Halal across the full product range.

What can we offer?

We have a state-of-the-art Tetra Pak spray dryer producing various formulated products including OEM infant formula base powder along with regular GDT products such as whole milk powder. With our large-scale capacity of 10 MT per hour we can deliver UHT grade, C.sakazakii-free whole milk powder to the commodity market. Whether plain whole milk, instant or fortified, we use 25kg bulk packs with multi-ply Kraft bags that have inner polythene liners and are nitrogen and CO2 flushed. We can manufacture to your specifications including your own design bags, or we can provide our own well-developed specifications.
We can also offer a canning plant capable of providing 130Gr, 180 Gr, 405Gr, 800Gr and 900Gr options with different lid types, QR codes or blue dot print, and later in 2020 we’ll be running a 1kg resealable pouch packer for both regular and formulated products.
Other products on offer include UHT milk in 250ml and 1L cartons, UHT whipping cream, and anhydrous milk fat (AMF) in 18/20kg tins with a premium grade 2-year shelf life.
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