Milk Supply

Becoming a Supplier

ODL Christine WilliamsOceania has a dedicated supplier base within close proximity to the Glenavy plant. As we grow our demand for milk will increase as will our number of suppliers. Supplying Oceania is a viable option for suppliers of other companies in the area and for those farmers converting to dairying. We pride ourselves on developing close relationships with our suppliers and those who work on their farms, so that we are all working toward the same goal: optimizing profit from milk produced in South Canterbury and North Otago by delivering a first-class product in a sustainable manner.

We reward quality performance.

Our Supplier Liaison team is keen to discuss the opportunities and benefit of supplying milk to Oceania.


  • a competitive milk price;
  • no shares need to be purchased;
  • a locally based company with a secure financial backing;
  • direct supply chain from the farm to the customer;
  • you are a name and a face; not a number;
  • our small supply base and compact supply area allows flexibility in milk collection – we work with and for our suppliers;
  • a payment structure that gets money into your accounts sooner.


Grow your own business!:

As we have no requirement for you to hold shares, supplying Oceania allows you the opportunity to use your capital to invest in your business or to diversify your off farm portfolio.

If converting to dairying, our “no share” requirement reduces the cost of your conversion.

As our business grows we are keen to partner with local dairy farmers - providing a local processing option that allows farmers to grow their business.

Become part of an exciting new business, where your milk is processed locally by local people. Develop the personal relationship with company staff. You are important to us.


Christine Williams

Supply Liaison Officer

Phone: 64 3 686 9712
Mob: 64278895706