Recently, Waimate centennial school stated that they obtained sponsorship from Oceania Dairies. The duff books in homes programme, which has a range of benefits relating to rasing the profile of books and reading in families.

“We are proud to offer necessary help and it is particularly important for families of economically disadvantaged people to read books for free”, says Oceania General Manager, Roger Usmar.

This sponsorship is about the Duffy books in homes programme. This programme has a range of benefits relating to raising the profile of books and reading in families. It is particularly important for families who are disadvantaged economically as they gain access to books and text that they don’t have to pay for.

Sadly with the recent Ministry of Education decile rating reviews our decile rating has climbed one place. This has the double negative effect of reducing our operational grant and increasing the component of the programme costs the school has to fund to 75%.

Although the board has made commitment to fund the programme, Waimate centennial school will be required to find extra funding to maintain the programme and they would like to support the Waimate community by this chance.

In return, the school will provide a range of acknowledgments in our community correspondence and would encourage the contributor to let us use their name in the programme title.

“We are glad to provide funds for the books as they will improve local people’s level of education, which will in turn increase the employment rate in this area and train more talents for enterprises. Also, this will win a good brand image for us”, Roger said.


Oceania dairy declared a new sponsorship with Aorangi Gymnastics Team.

Oceania Dairy has always been committed to supporting communities and organizations to receive more help and find more opportunities for local development in South Canterbury region, especially for local young people. These opportunities include improving education quality and promoting sports.

The Aorangi Gymnastics Association is the regional body for gymnastics clubs in Pleasant Point, Timaru, Waimate and Omaru. They are in charge of the governance, management, development, enhancement, representation and promotion of the sport of gymnastics in the Aorangi region.

“We are honored to sponsor Aorangi Gymnastics Team and to contribute to the development of Gymnastics in the south island area. Also, we are expecting the Gymnastics Team to achieve a good result in the 2016 New Zealand Gymsports Championships,” says Oceania General Manager, Roger Usmar.

“We will continue to benefit the local people,” Roger added.


Oceania dairy is excited to declare a new sponsorship with South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber, based in South Canterbury region, is composed of over 490 members. Through the Chamber there are many ways to create better business outcomes.(It offers many ways to generate better business outcomes, such as building business connections, acquiring business expertise, and saving business expenses. With strong national and internal support from affiliations, it provides services for manufacturers, tradespeople, professionals, international traders and retailers, service industries, non-profit organisations, owners/operators and so on.

“Oceania Dairy is really honoured to build a close tie with South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce,” says Oceania General Manager, Roger Usmar.

“We have been committed to the local economic development. Joining the Chamber can enhance our reputation in this area, maintain and improve our brand image and impress the local people. Also, we can obtain more attention and exchange more business ideas and experience, which will be beneficial to our company. We are not only highly motivating, but also of immense strategic value in positioning their business for a long-term and sustainable growth.

“South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce is an affiliated member of New Zealand Chambers of Commerce Incorporated, the national body representing for the 27 Chambers in New Zealand. It plays a very important role in this area. We will benefit from local media coverage, with winners able to cheer for their success in on-going advertising and communications activitives even after event periods. In addition to the benefits for businesses, the awards play an important role in lifting the overall profile of South Canterbury and showing the value of our business in terms of economic benefits for all South Cantabrians.” Roger Usmar added.

“I have confidence in developing our long-term strategic partnership,” he added.