The commissioning programme for Oceania Dairy’s new $214 million Glenavy milk processing plant is scheduled to commence in July.

The commissioning programme will mark the final stage of the 14 month construction programme.

“We anticipate the factory taking its first supplies of milk from our suppliers in late July,” said Aidan Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer for Oceania Dairy.

“The first 4-6 weeks of supply will be used to conduct a range of performance tests that form an integral part of the factory’s commissioning.

“We are working towards a final handover of the factory from construction to production by the middle of September,” he said.

A total of 46 suppliers have signed contracts with Oceania for the supply of 160 million litres in the 2014-15 season.

At full capacity, the Glenavy processing plant will be capable of processing 300 million litres of milk per year, generating 47,000 tonnes of milk powder.

The various components of the overall project remain on schedule to deliver the projected hand-over.All of the main boiler components for the factory are now in New Zealand and erection of the furnace panels has commenced.

11kV and 33kV electricity supply works being undertaken by Alpine Energy are on schedule and installation of transformers is underway.

The office building and on-site laboratory have been completed and await connection of services.

Roading and carpark areas are being prepared for final asphalting, while site landscaping is now underway.

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