Glenavy Processing Factory

The $236 million Glenavy processing plant is delivering a state-of-the-art facility to Oceania and its suppliers in the South Canterbury and North Otago region. Stage one is delivering more than 70 jobs, making it one of the region’s largest employers.

Yili has announced details of a further five-year, $400 million development project on the Glenavy site. It is expected that the completed project will add a further 150 staff to the Oceania Dairy roster at Glenavy.

The first phase of the expansion project will commence in early 2015 and the remaining phases have been scheduled through to completion in 2019.

This comprehensive project will add capacity to output a wide range of additional products from the Glenavy factory. That will include a whole milk powder dryer, an infant formula canning line, and facilities to manufacture UHT milk products and lactoferrin.

By the end of the expansion project in 2019 Glenavy is expected to be handling more than 630 million litres of milk from local farm suppliers, generating export revenues in excess of $700 million.

Key facts​

  • Stage one project:
    – $236 million investment
    – Consultants: Babbage
    – Main contractor: Eberts
  • Total site size of 38ha of which 12ha is the factory area
  • 10 tonne per hour dryer
  • Capable of processing 65,000 litres per hour
  • Capable of producing 47,000 tonnes of powder per year
  • Product range: whole milk powder, skim mik powder, infant formula, specialty powders, AMF
  • A 30MW coal fired boiler powers the plant, capable of producing 42 tonne of steam.
  • The company constructed a separate electricity substation for the site
  • 220 million litres to be processed in the first season
  • The drystore has a capacity of 3,600 tonnes
  • Treated waste water is spread on 300ha of local land
  • Stage one of the factory employs more than 70 staff
  • 48 farmer suppliers in the first season
  • Milk collection is contracted to Hilton Haulage using trucks with 15,000 litres tanks and trailers with 23,000 litre tanks.